Friday, March 20, 2009

Movie Review: Knowing ** Spoiler Alert**

Yet another Cage spectacular event.... some movies you go to see because the story sounds good, others you see because you like the work of certain star.

So I was annoyed when I checked out the newspaper so that I could find out the basic plot, only to have it panned by the critics for a hokey plot described as new age-y and outlandish.
************ Spoiler Alert *****************
We went any ways. Often I disagree with critics, case in point being my last movie review. This movie was the first one I have viewed in theatre that I held on to my date. It was conspiracy driven on the apocalyptic theme with terrific, horrendously fabulous stunts. Airplanes and subway crashes that were well done. What I got a kick out of was the son of the main character, played by Chandler Canterbury, had a hearing aid. I don't think I have seen that on tv/movies before. The music was also awesome, however I did find that at times it was louder than the dialogue, similar to how TV viewers complain that commercials are louder than the show.
**** Spoiler Alert ****
The ending was probably the lame part. The boy is taken by aliens to another planet while the earth got obliterated due to a solar flare. Other children are taken as well, but everyone else on earth is obliterated.

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